Monday, 24 April 2017

Sudan: Updated Posts

So for some reason the photos from posts carried over from the old blog must have been removed and been only linked by this blog. Have updated each of the effected Sudan posts with correct photos.

Sudan: Cameron Highlanders
Sudan: New South Wales Regiment
Sudan: KRRC & Royal Marines
Sudan: Indian Brigade
Sudan: Hadendowa
Sudan: Ansar
Sudan: Old Ansar Units and the Joker
Sudan 1000: The Count So Far... Have shot past this count in the past year and now heading to Sudan 1500... for 1500 figures on a table at once...

Saturday, 8 April 2017

AWI: Continental Light Infantry

Finished off another couple of auxiliary units for BP: Rebellion! This time its some light infantry for the New England brigade.

Figures are from Strelets M071 British Light Infantry in Egypt 1801 with slight modifications to fit AWI, as per the Lee's Legion unit finished previously. They look a bit rough compared to the Italeri figures, despite re-working several times.

This time the uniform is based on two sources, the Baccus website and its 1779 Continental Regulations, and the Uniforms of the American Revolution website and its 1782 Light Infantry plate.

In this colour scheme these could be LI units for the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut Regiments. Yes I'm aware there were no battles after 1781, although the Brits stayed until 1783.

They've been mounted so that they can form: 2 x small BP units, 1 x standard BP unit, or 1x small BP unit and a small dismounted unit for the 2nd Continental Dragoons finished previously, should the need arise.

This finishes off the 'New England' brigade.

Next up a couple of Virginia Continental Artillery crews, and Lee's and the 3rd Continental Dragoons.

Friday, 31 March 2017

AWI: Maryland Battalion 1776

A bump in the painting roster due to a delay in painting supplies, has brought forward the completion of next continental battalion, the Maryland Battalion circa 1776.

The inspiration for this unit came from the cover and double-page plate in the Osprey Campaign title - New York 1776, which depicts the 'Maryland 400' battalion charging at Gowanus. The BP Supplement supports this, describing them in 1776 as 'hunting shirts died tan' with officers 'red coats faced buff'.

The figures are well proportioned and detailed, and are from the Accurate 7201 American Militia/IMEX 511 George Washington's Army set. While not exactly dressed in hunting 'shirts', they look to be dressed in hunting 'coats' - close enough I say.

One out of the three boxes I bought had figures as per the IMEX listing, the other two had figures as per the Accurate listing, the drummer is a spare one from the Italeri 6060 set.

All have been mounted on 3mm bases as opposed to card, as - like their Accurate/IMEX counterparts - they are about a head shorter than figures from other manufacturers of this period.

The battalion is a large BP unit that can be reduced back to standard, producing an additional command stand also. It is said that Lord Stirling (Maj. Gen. Alexander) personally lead the battalion in the action at Gowanus, hence the inclusion of the mounted officer (from the Revell 2572 set).

This completes the line units for the Maryland/Virginia brigade and next up is the raft of light infantry and dragoons I've prepped while waiting for detail brushes, to complete the New England and Maryland/Virginia BP brigades.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Blood Bowl: Balls!

Having had an excellent introduction game of the recently re-released Blood Bowl from Games Workshop - thanks Simon!, using none other than a painted Chaos team I picked up for less than $20, years ago, I got a little enthusiastic about it.

It was a fun game that had several layers of game play and was a typically excellent GW specialist game.

Noticing the 'embryonic state' of the plastic parts of the sets we were using and knowing Simon is busy with babies... with the thought of the further games he'd be arranging for us, I offered to paint his balls...

... after the giggling and semi-awkward silence had settled down, I got to work.

First up some Orc balls I think... I did't realise Orcs had balls...

I went for two standard 'dirty-look' Orc balls made out of leather and a hume-skinned ball for a bit of fun.

Next some of Simon's Skaven balls... I think that's warp fire? Luckily I found I actually had five shades of the appropriate green paint! But it did pose the question...

... if I have a Skaven ball in one hand and a Skaven ball in another hand, what do I have?

A rather large Skaven... ah thank you and goodnight.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

AWI: 3rd Continental Artillery Crew

A few more auxiliary troops for the Continentals in the form of some crew to man a couple of the cannons painted previously.

Have again taken the uniform from what's listed in the BP Rebellion supplement, for this organisation of artillery: black coats, red facings and lining, buff shortclothes.

The supplement summarises that Massachusetts raised the 3rd Continental Artillery circa 1779, so these guys have been included in the New England brigade.

The figures are from the IMEX 555 British Artillery set. Why? Because this set was originally produced in 1/32 scale as American artillery. For some reason IMEX swapped their sets around when producing 1/72 versions of them. After hours upon hours of reviewing contemporary pictures of these guys, I agreed with the PSR reviews and will swap the two sets back - not that you can really tell at this scale :)

Unfortunately the plastic is quite brittle and the sponge guy lost his sponge along the way, and is now holding what is commonly referred to as a 'stick' - I'll convert something at some stage to replace it. Apart from that the figures are well detailed and easy to paint.

American gunner sights down the barrel - is it any wonder I'm single I ask myself?

But with the average finish of these guys comes the realisation that, while a good workman never blames his tools, my detail brushes are well used - and I think have come into contact with superglue :o - I'm out of white undercoat, and have been scraping the bottom of my Citadel White Scar for the last week.

Lancer miniatures' and Revell plastic gun.
Its time for a supply run to my local Games Workshop!

AWI: 2nd Continental Dragoons

The first auxiliary troops for this period have come off the painting table, a small BP unit of the 2nd Continental Dragoons.

These guys have come from the Revell 02573 Austrian Dragoons set and I've done some head conversions using the heads from spare light infantry out of the A Call To Arms 65 British Infantry 1775 set.

The uniform reference this time began out of the Rebellion! BP supplement but was finalised on the Baccus website, hence the helmet conversions - which I admit was a last minute decision. I've gone for Bay horses - standard and buckskin - and a single gray for the commander.

Not my best effort and had to spend a lot of time on painting some of the white details on as the moulding from 1992 - when the set was first produced - was not the greatest.

The 1775 flag is off the net (after the following search on Google images "awi 2nd continental dragoons flag") and after a quick confirmation from the Historical Flags of Our Ancestors website to make sure it was correct... wish I'd scrolled down as there is a flag for this unit for the later part of the war, no matter.

Next up - will the fun never stop!? - an artillery crew.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

AWI: 3rd Virginia Regiment

And another one down, and another one down, and another one bites the dust... next line unit done for the Americans. This time its the 3rd Virginia unit circa 1780ish, pale blue coats with blue facings, white lining and shortclothes. No references for musicians so decided on taking a break from reversed coats.

Continuing on with territorial based brigades for gaming  BP Rebellion!, this unit will take its place alongside the Virginia State Infantry and Lee's Legion infantry in a Maryland/Virginia brigade.

The Italeri 6060 box continues to produce great results, although these are the same figures as per the 4th Mass unit completed last week, including the hat and standard bearer conversions - the comments for which can be seen in the 4th Mass post.

The 3rd Virginia flag is from the Historical Flags of Our Ancestors site and a little oversized but nonetheless the first (guaranteed) 100% accurate flag for this American army - "...the 3rd Virginia colors were one of four captured by the British. In 2006, the four regimental flags... sold at Sotheby's auction for over $5,000,000."

Close up of command, no reversed coats and yes that is a beaver on the flag...

Right, a bit of a break from line units and onto the auxiliary units for the New England brigade, then I feel the need to do a large Maryland battalion in hunting shirts, then the auxilaries for that brigade, then back on to the British... it never ends... to try and produce enough units for a small BP game by June :)