Tuesday, 14 March 2017

AWI: 2nd New Hampshire Regiment

Continuing on with the sprint to get stuff painted while waiting to hear back about contracts, just off the painting table at a record day turn around, the 2nd New Hampshire regiment for Black Powder Rebellion!

Using the supplement as a reference again, it lists this regiment as wearing pale blue coats with white turnbacks, red facings, and buff short clothes. Hmmm... also lists the musicians as white coats faced blue... errr... bugger! No matter, I just did that paint scheme for the muesos of the 4th Mass and I like the red coats, and there's plenty of variation on the net for the musicians of this regiment in any case.

The muskets on this musketeer figure are molded separately and have to be glued on. The hand holding the musket has a spike which fits well into the body of the figure, so no hassles there whatsoever. Sourced the regiment's 'blue flag' from warflag.com and put on a slightly converted musketeer - just chopped the musket off and replaced with flag.

This 6060 kit from Italeri is continuing to turn up trumps with well proportioned troops that paint up well, despite the general issues with the set.

This unit will take its place in the New England brigade along side the 4th Mass, Rhode Island State and Sherburne's battalions, and is the last line unit for the brigade.

Will finish the 3rd Virginia next for another brigade, as its already prepped, then on to some auxiliary troops for this brigade.

Finished line of the New England Brigade.


  1. Lovely work, I figure one can often be a bit creative with musicians in this period, as colonels and staff often funded their own variants in quite a few armies.

  2. Thanks! That's what I reckon too! ;)