Monday, 9 October 2017

Legion of The Jungle Night: Sci Fi Mid-Tech

"The moon is a drop in a black hole, The sun is a hell of a light..." - Yello
... and now for something completely different... Having had  enough of all that white strapping to build the AWI Americans, British, and Hesse-Cassel for the time being, I felt the need to get all 'warry' as my sergeant used to say.

Yello Squad, patches on right arm denote squads to avoid confusion during games
The random mess of half-prepped or waiting-to-be-painted-figures on my painting table had begun to do my head in, so have given myself a Clear The Desk painting challenge.

Blue Squad, five HAMF legionaires
This included some of Ground Zero Games fantastic Federal Stats Europa (FSE) 25mm infantry from the Stargrunt range. I'm not sure what codes I've got but they sure look suitably menacing and mean.

Red Squad, rear armour also has red highlight for ease of identification in battle (far left)
I started off trying for a black theme but once the clothing was done, the armour screamed for a DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) theme. Its not the best but I went for a kind of dark jungle disruptive pattern, as messy disruption patterns seem to be all the rage in today's military fashions.

"The birds of paradise, Disappear into the green desert, You will not find excess in the jungle..." - Yello

Legion Command
These will take their place alongside my Denizen mid-tech... which I just realised I don't have any photos up on this blog. Will remedy - Edit: They can be seen here.

Right, one alcove of my painting desk is almost done, I can't believe what's coming up next and how long its been waiting to be painted.


  1. Nice. What rules are you going to use them with?

  2. Thanks! After all my whining about Sci Fi rules, I've had a set of rules bubbling away for nearly two years, almost ready to go :)