Sunday, 14 August 2016

Star Wars X-Wing: Attack on the Death Spa

" can dispense with the toiletries Captain..." Jeff Vader when reaching the Death Spa.

Went over to Nick's yesterday for a game of DBA 3.0 and ended up playing both DBA and SW X-Wing. It was my first game of X-Wing and just a few turns into it, Nick had the most awesome slip of the tongue, and the title and theme for this post was born.

I grabbed the Imperials and Nick went with Scum. Darth's cousin Jeff (you'll need a tray) Vader, was tasked with leading a small force of Tie fighters to protect the construction of the latest weapon in the Empire's mighty arsenal, the Imperial Death Spa.

Here were my stats, upgrades, etc - it was all a bit much to take in at first.

Not sure what Nick took but his report (when it comes) will cover it, but apparently Bossk and IG-88B were trying to get their hands on some of that awesome Imperial Lather range of toiletries.

So Jeff deployed thusly.

And Bossk and IG-88 opposite.

Having watched hundreds of hours of X-Wing battle reports at MiniWargaming (an excellent site!), I felt up to being aggressive and generally getting into it; and after turn 1 Jeff had ordered his Ties forward to engage the Scum.

By turn two the Scum had started maneuvering all pretty like, while Jeff and his band of stormtroopers kept to their plan.

Leading to target locks at dawn for Vader and the Scum, and the first round of combat.

While a lone Tie fighter went after IG-88B's Agressor.

Vader and the Ties put some hits on Bossk's YV-666 and took a couple of hits in return.

And the Aggressor placed some hits on the Tie.

In the next few turns, some furious dog fighting occurred with a Tie going down.

But the Imperials focused their attention on the YV-666...

... while continuing to try and nail the Aggressor.

Jeff Vader and the clone boys achieved their goal and down went the YV-666.

"Never underestimate the shower's of the Dark Side..." Jeff Vader on the facilities at the Death Spa

Only to have Bossk escape via one of the many, many, many, upgrades Nick had taken for the Scum, in something called a Pup; and the next phase of the game began.

Which didn't last long with another Tie going down and Vader taking the rest of the Scum heat before his Advanced Tie was popped.

"Nooooooooo....." Jeff Vader after running out of Imperial Bath Salts shortly before bailing out of his Advanced Tie.

What followed was a long series of dog-fighting as the remaining forces tried to apply hits, with many a Tie pilot clone becoming Stressed doing loop-de-loops and looking forward to a long soak at the Death Spa after the battle to relax.

But they focused their attention on Bossk in the Pup and it went down in flames.

Leaving two Ties and IG-88B wondering why he'd agreed to come on a scavenging mission for bath accouterments in the first place; and the next phase of the battle began.

This involved many turns of the remaining Ties and the Aggressor trying to outmaneuver each other to get the best position.

Many, many Koiogran turns.

And the lead Tie in the photo below constantly evading every hit for three consecutive combats.

Before finally, the two Ties finished off IG-88B and the Aggressor went down.

"... join me and together we can luffa the galaxy..." Jeff Vader promotional poster at the Death Spa.

Really excellent and fun game, thanks Nick!

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  1. Ha! "... join me and together we can luffa the galaxy..." Jeff Vader promotional poster at the Death Spa. Ha! Very cool write up there bro! Good stuff!