Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sudan: Gordon Highlanders

Finished off the other unit that's been on my painting table since April, a regiment of the Gordon Highlanders for Black Powder Sudan.

All the troopers are from HaT's Set 8202 Colonial Highlanders with command figures from Newline Design's Colonial Zulu Range - British Command in Glengarry.

For the troopers the preparation was minimal with a small amount of flashing to do and the command figures needed only a little filing.

There is a decent amount of detail on the figures to pick out.

All in all I think I spent around twice the amount of time and effort on the figures compared to regular British units, considering the kilts (super fiddly at this scale) and the sock-thingies.

But am happy with the end result even if some of the kilts are a bit wobbly.

The regiment is a Standard sized BP unit of 24 figures on six 4x4 bases.

And takes it place along side the Camerons as Scotland's contribution to my Anglo-Egyptian forces.

Along with the Gardner Gun and support finished recently, I think that's 1000 figures reached for the collection. Maybe its time to get a girlfriend... nah, I haven't even started on the Camel Corps!