Sunday 26 February 2017

Seleucid Showcase: Asiatic Auxilary Foot

Asiatic auxiliaries flank the phalanx.

The Seleucid and Successor armies employed fairly large numbers of lighter troops to support the phalanxes, elephants, and heavy cavalry.

This post showcases the 15mm Frei Korps troops that were drawn from the lands conquered during Alexander's times, which would have been the local population of the Eastern Successor States.

Asiatic Bow

With origins from the Persian armies like those of Darius, Asiatic bowmen often provided the bulk of auxiliary foot troops.

These bowmen functioned as dedicated 'massed' bowmen (above) and as light troops or skirmishers (below). They were of varying quality ranging from poor to good.

If memory serves correctly, Le Chasseur painted these guys up as part of a commission - nice job!


One of the many marauding bands of 'Celtic barbarians', the nomadic Galatians were hired to provide more of a punch than other auxiliaries, functioning much like aggressive Celts on too much sugar.

The Galatians often armed themselves with the spoils of battle and the FK bags reflect the expected mix of equipment nicely.

Kappadokian Hillmen

Often used to 'bulk out the numbers', hilltribes were often mustered into the Successor armies.

These were generally sound troops that could function well as skirmishes.

Again I think these hillmen were a commission painted by Le Chasseur.

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