Sunday 26 February 2017

Seleucid Showcase: Elephants

Any player who says that it wasn't the enormous numbers of elephants available to this army in most rule sets, which made them game it, is either lying or hasn't read the associated army list properly.

This post showcases the 15mm Frei Korps elephants available in my Seleucid army.

Seleucid Elephants

These guys are really nice multi-part figures which I can remember building and painting.

I think the elephant without the Seleucid armour is in fact listed as a Macedonian elephant with howdah.

Macedonian Elephant

An earlier version of the Macedonian elephant without howdah, still feasible in a Successor army.

My favourite rule of the last 20 years for these guys was the Stampede rule in WAB. Upset the elephant enough with javelins or arrows and off it would go, I scatter die and 2d6cms later, you'd be amazed what they bumped into!

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