Monday, 25 September 2017

ADLG: Steel and Ivory 15mm Battle Reports, and 28mm Re-Basing

Had several great games of 15mm ADLG over the weekend using my Seleucids, which started well with a (supported) win against Tim's Republican Romans on Friday night and ended abysmally with three defeats against Mark's Classical Indians.

Seleucid Pike and Bow battle Tim's Hastati in a previous game

I forgot to snap shots of most of the games and most of the photos came out blurry, but I did get a single shot of some of Mark's awesome Indians and Tim's Republicans can be seen in a previous post.

My army stayed the same throughout the weekend in a basic configuration, 4 x Heavy Cavalry and LH support in one command, 6 x Pike including Argyraspides in another, and 3 x Elephants with Asiatic bow support.

Friday night's game had only several rules for me, keep the elephants out of the rough, slam into something with the cavalry, and keep going forward with the pike. Having followed these rules (which is no small thing in itself for me), Tim then assisted with the tactical advice needed to help the Seleucids win. They smashed the Roman cavalry and rolled well against the Roman legion.

Sunday's defeats could be put down to terrain but Mark better maximised the placement and its use, keeping the Indian bow and mixed units (melee as Mediocre Medium Swordsmen) and elite elephants mostly in fields and on hills.

Seleucid Argyraspides and pike battle Tim's Triarii and Hastati in a previous game

I was too tentative moving into contact, as Mark pointed out, although fighting at -2 in the rough, the pike have greater endurance (essentially four hits), and I didn't really place terrain with consideration of the army I was facing - actually choosing 3 - 4 pieces of terrain to the Indian's advantage.

In a third game we swapped armies and I did not roll well with terrain, with most of it ending up on the Seleucid side, so all the Indians ended up in the open, but ultimately Mark used the Seleucid army to its fullest, flanking me with the cavalry and rolling forward with pike and elephants in a glorious wall of steel and ivory.

Which leads me to late Sunday afternoon. It was warm and sunny when I got home and I got all inspired like. The bases for the 28mm ALDG projects had arrived earlier in the week and I got 'the fever' and started making inroads on re-basing the 28mm Rommano-British.

So here's a couple of sneak preview shots of the heavy spear painted by Dragon in Hong Kong.

The Gripping Beast figures look ten times better on ADLG 60x40 basing than they did on individual 20x20 bases, I think its going to be a good looking ALDG army.