Saturday, 23 September 2017

AWI: American Commands and Completed Brigades

So with more contracts rapidly approaching, I've continued this sprint to get things finished to host a Black Powder: Rebellion! game.

With Lee's dragoons finished in the last post, its enough troops to field around 12 units for the Americans (counting small units as 'half'), so time to get some brigade commands done.

So not doing anything by halves, and introducing a new 20mm figure line for this blog, first up is B and B Miniatures American Staff Command Mounted (AR79), painted as no other than Washington himself and including a sword conversion to provide his headquarters' standard-bearer.

The figures are well detailed if a little small compared to the Italeri stuff but fill the gap in the plastics market well (with an extensive range of 20mm AWI figures BTW). When I first got them they looked bad to be fair, but this was only because none of the sprew flashing from molding had been removed. But lo and behold, after only a couple of minutes with a file, they were prepped and I realised that the were well molded and had hardly any mold lines at all, once the sprew flash had been (quickly) removed - nice.

Which brings us to the first brigade command and for this one, I've tied it to one of the completed 'territorial' brigades, New England.

The figures are from the Italeri 6060 American Infantry set and a mounted officer from HaT Set 8282 7YW, Prussian Infantry Command, posed as drummers pulled in from the regiments and pooled together to give brigade orders - so quite a 'low level' brigade command - meh, "...they sure are prudy".

The drum detail comes up well for 20mm, that pale ugly thing on the left is my thumb for scale comparison :).

To end with the final and more generic command from the IMEX Set 511 George Washington's Army, including the mounted officer and dragoon, and some distinguished looking chap/officer in all his finery, having a chat to the commander.

I was a bit worried about using these mounted troops as in the PSR review and on the sprew, they look kinda staid and overly 'posed', but no, they paint up well.

So here's a couple of shots of the finished brigades, starting with Maryland/Virginia.

L to R, F to B: 3rd Continental Dragoons (dismtd.), Maryland, Virginia State Infantry, Lee's Legion Dragoons (dismtd.) and Foot, 3rd Virginia, Lee's Dragoons, and 3rd Continental Dragoons, Virginia Artillery and command.

And the New England brigade.

L to R, F to B: Continental Dragoons (dismtd. across front), Sherburne's Additional Regiment, 2nd New Hampshire, 4th Massachusetts, Rhode Island State Infantry, 2nd Continental Dragoons, 3rd Continental Artillery and command.

Note "Mount Napping Cat' in the background, so called because of its vague resemblance to a sleeping cat, remarkable geology.

To be honest it hasn't hit me that they're finally finished, but on the final leg now. Time to finish off the Brits: command, 17th Light Dragoons, and artillery crewmen.

PS: 3rd Virginia is actually missing in photos above. 2nd New Hampshire seems to have turned up in both brigades! Here's a link to 3rd Virginia.

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