Monday, 18 September 2017

AWI: Virginia Artillery Crew

More auxiliary units in the feverish attempt to actually get enough figures painted for a game of AWI Black Powder; some more crews for the large train of cannon painted previously.

These are the same IMEX figures as the 3rd Continental Crew painted earlier this year, but painted as Virginia continentals, as per the reference in the AWI Black Powder supplement; blue coats with red facings, waste-coats and trousers.

I like how these guys came out, even though I had to paint some of the strapping on, and the red outfits certainly go well with the barn red cannon... they should make a nice target on the table.

So that's more than enough cannoneers for a couple of brigades, its almost time to start thinking about the brits.



  1. Great job, looking forward to a game of this :)

  2. Thanks for comments and yes I can't wait to get it done and have a game! Some cool BP supplement rules which means it should play differently to Naps and Sudan!