Wednesday, 20 September 2017

AWI: Lee's Legion Dragoons

This is it, the last unit for the Maryland/Virginia brigade, only three commands left to do and will soon be able to hold a BP game (...after also completing a unit of 17th Light Dragoons, some artillery crews and command for the Brits), but definitely getting there :).

These guys are again from Strelets Set 119 British Cavalry (Egypt) and Set M071 British Light Infantry in Egypt - with only minor alterations for the period, mentioned in the Lee's Legion post. I think its taken the four units of these Strelets figures to actually get my head around how to paint them as the molded detail is deep and my flash removal not so 'flash', leaving the soft plastic with peaks/rough patches.

The legion was issued green and buff cloth and are commonly depicted with green jackets and buff breeches, but I have painted them as per Rebellion! supplement in buff with green facings.

The single reason for this is that there is a unit of Tarleton's horse and foot coming up for the Brits, dressed and outfitted the same as Lee's troops, in green jackets, and although it would be 'cool' to have them confused on the wargames table - as actually happened during the AWI - I reckon this would only be 'cool' once, then would quickly become confusing and annoying, "...but I thought they were my troops...?"

So that's it for units, next up three American command bases.

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