Sunday, 18 September 2016

HOTT Battle Report: VSF/Steam Punk

Had a couple of games of HOTT over at Nick's on the weekend using my recently resurrected VSF and Nick's VSF with some elements done by Robin - including a giant scratch built Airboat and flyers - Nice!

For the first game I took 1 x Hero, 2 x Knight, 2 x Blade, 6 x shooters

Which went up against Nicks' 1 x Airboat, 1 x Behmoth, 1 x Magician, 2 x flyers, 4 x shooters.

Nick rolled as the aggressor and my deployment was nothing to write home about.

With four patches of difficult going I opted for two main brigades. One on my centre right.

And one on my left flank.

Facing Nick's shooters on my right flank.

His mechanical monstrosities in the centre and the flyers on my left flank.

Impressive looking scratch built airboat

Excellent scratch built behemoth and magician (wyrding canon)

Awesome scratch built flyers.

Nick seemed particularly impressed to be fielding the airboat and steam tank...

On to the first game.

Stuff happened and I can't remember who went first but the first significant event was the Hero doing something heroic and charging off towards the advancing airboat and steam tank, ZOCing the boat.

Then Nick's flyers zipped around the back of my line.

Before a suitably epic and heroic battle broke out between the hero, the airboat, and the steam tank.

Which went well for my hero but not so great for the boat.

Emboldened, I methodically moved through the rough ground with my main force.

And sent a knight forward to support my hero.

But alas the knights didn't reach the hero in time and he was heroically flanked by the flyers and stomped by the steam tank.

And then the knights went the same way and things weren't looking too good.

Completely flanked I turned some of the firing line towards the flyers and started shooting, immediately taking one out.

But Nick began bringing up his firing line and magician as I tried to get my other brigade out of the rough ground and into the fight, even forming a column to do so - which at least looked good but didn't get far before the game ended.

Then another of Nick's flyers went down and things weren't looking too bad again.

Then the behemoth fell to the firing line as well (no photo) and the reformed firing lines and magician began to swaps shots.

Until the combined fire of three elements took out one of Nick's shooters with a suitably stoic roll of 1, which took my score to 12 points and gave me the game.

Was a cool game but a bit slow moving compared to DBA 3.0, my other brigade didn't have a chance to regroup, but still fun - thanks Nick!.


  1. Well played Dave, well played indeed. And a good time was had by all! Would have been a quicker game without the photography....but then we'd have but our memories to revisit the game.

    (By the way, the Airboat and the balloon flyers were made by Andy Gorman, as indeed were the Red Coats.)

  2. Thanks Nick and ditto, good fun to get the army redone and on the table!