Saturday, 17 September 2016

HOTT: VSF British Steam Punk 2

Following on from the first HOTT VSF post, like a slow burning candle, the memory of what I had originally been doing with the HOTT VSF came back to me.

Especially when I actually read the rules again and remembered that armies were built via points, and a normal sized army was 24 points. I added up what points there were after the first resurrection to see what I needed and realised there were almost at 48 points or 2 x HOTT armies.

I also got the flag bug and decided that the flag bearers needed proper flags and also decided that the behemoth steam tank definitely needed a couple more steam stacks.

So here's the finished units for a 48 point HOTT VSF army.

The guards got their colours, 1st Foot.

The cleric's novice was given the privilege of carrying the Queen's colours for the 1st foot.

Then I read somewhere that some British units with white as regimental colour fielded the flag of St George with the union in the upper canton, so I thought what the heck and festooned the Camel Regiment flag bearers.

Then I finished the steam tank adding a couple of steam vents either side of the smoke stack, kinda balanced the whole thing better.

Suitably fantastic

New Units
Making up the points I re-based 2 more shooter elements, this time painted in KRRC colour's and festooned with the King's 60th Rifles colours - the KRRC's old unit.

Then I rifled through the junk boxes to find the last Eagle Games colonial artillery piece. It was commandeered and painted with some Emhar and Esci figures in Naval Brigade colours that were also floating around.

New Old Units
Finishing off the points were 3 x Rider elements that I'd also found. The figures are very old Jacklex figures but were painted up fairly well so they were added to the points.

Was happy with the end result and will take photos of the entire army during the upcoming HOTT game.

During the search to make up the points, I also found the remains of the mythical Egyptian army. Further searching uncovered the Eagle Games sprews that I'd used, still populated with mythical Egyptian beings. When time permits I'll rebuild a 48 point army to match the Brits.


  1. Beautiful .. you've identified what's missing from my own Brit VSF... flags!!!!
    Kind regards


  3. Thanks! deserves a medal or something!