Friday, 9 September 2016

Sudan: Royal Artillery Gatlings

Had some time to rework some older models for Sudan Black Powder. Not sure what I was originally thinking but found these guys sitting on giant square bases with green flock - no, I have no idea either.

Pretty sure these are Newline Designs Gatling Guns from their Zulu range, which I brought before the HaT box came out in 2009; but I can't find the code. There's also a couple of 'ammo bearers' from Strelets Set 038 British Infantry.

Painted in Royal Artillery colours as per the Perry Guide, as the figures were from the Zulu range they've had pugaree conversions, and all troopers got a lighter shade of grey; except for the officer who has - quite historically - had his own coat made at a gentlemen's tailors, in a fit and colour of his choosing.

As usual the excellent Newline figures lend themselves to detailing well and the Stretlets are not too shoddy at making up the numbers.

Another couple of artillery pieces ready in the Anglo-Egyptian forces for the Sudan 1500 project.

Next up while I'm still trying to find that next contract and hopefully before I go broke, another Ansar unit from the Nile Tribes and some Royal Horse Artillery are on the painting desk.

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