Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sudan: Cameron Highlanders

First up in this blog covering my obsession for 20mm plastics and Black Powder is a recently finished project, a BP regiment, the Cameron Highlanders.
These are from HaT‘s plastics, 8202 Colonial Highlanders with Newline Design’s Glengarry command from their colonial ranges.

I am loving Hat’s colonial offerings as they fit really well with Newline Design’s 20mm metal range, and are cheap. So ony 2 – 3 boxes will get you several regiments’ worth of figures for about the same price as a single metal regiment.
Perhaps not my best work, first time doing kilts for a start, but still another regiment completed in this, perhaps my most insane wargames project so far (the aim is to get a 1000 figures on the board at once).

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