Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sudan: New South Wales Regiment

Just off the painting table some of Newline Design’s awesome metal 20mm Brits from their Colonial Sudan range.
Painted vaguely to the New South Wales colours provided by Perry Miniature’s excellent painting guide, I’ve been generally mixing in almost 1/3 to 2/3 Citidel’s Zandri Brush or Tamaya’s Desert Yellow to Vallejo’s Khaki, to get a more ‘deserty’ coloured khaki.
The BP regiment of six bases 24-36 figures for a standard battalion, gives just the right feel.
They look awesome in a BP attack coloumn.
And there is a heap of good detail that lends itself to picking out with drybrush and/or washes – although I haven’t spent much time on faces as these are ‘arms length, wargames figures.

Here’s the captain

And the sergeant.
Next up in this obsession… I mean… category will be some re-worked Stretlets and Waterloo 1815 figures, painted ages ago by a commission, but with not enough figures painted up for BP. So its the old paint the new figs and touch up the old figs to match routine.

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