Sunday, 3 April 2016

Ultramarines: 3rd Company

Sometimes, in certain situations, there comes a time when the marines must scream from the stars, leaving smoking, twisting, trails in the sky as they hurtle towards ground targets from orbit. (Updated pics) 
3rd company is my drop pod company. Ready for situations when Planetfall is the only option.
Two Tactical formations with Devastator and Assault supports.

1st Tactical Drop Platoon

2nd Tactical Drop Platoon
1st Devastator Drop Platoon

2nd Devastator Drop Platoon

1st Assault Drop Platoon

2nd Assault Drop Platoon
The tacticals were given(!) to me by a mate, they’re the older ‘beak-nosed’ marines from several editions back. Perfect, along with the colour scheme, to delineate from the other tacticals. Go the 3rd platoon!

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