Friday, 8 April 2016

Sudan: Royal Irish Fusiliers

The latest effort is another Newline Black Powder regiment for the Anglo-Egyptian forces.

These are from packs SUD01 British Command and  SUD05 British Foot Advancing, bases need a bit of filing but no biggy.

Based on the colour plate on page 72 - 2n Battalion Princess Victoria's Regiment (The Royal Irish Fusiliers) from the book 'Go Strong into the Desert' by  Lt. Col. Mike Snook, a Perry Miniatures publication.

However the unit has in fact come out almost exactly like plate 2. of the English Khaki units in the Perry Miniatures Guide. Such is life.

I changed the technique for painting the helmets this time, from the drybrushing used for the NSW Regiment. I detailed the portions of the lemon-squeezer with a much cleaner effect.

These Newline figures really do have a huge amount of character when painted up. Great figures once again and really nice to work with.

I feel the need for some artillery or another highland regiment next.

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