Sunday, 3 April 2016

Ultramarines: Ground Support

OK, the penultimate post of this epic blog subject, covering the plethora – yes, a veritable plethora – of unique track based armoured vehicles maintained by the Chapter, all based on the Rhino APC, and used to project specific types of force support for marines in the field. (Updated Pics)

I give you the Ultramarines: Ground Support post, or tanks for the memories!

Predator: Annihilator

SM armoured anti-tank capability.

Predator: Destructor

SM armoured anti-personnel capability.

These Predators are painted up in another early Ultramarine colour scheme, I think came just after the Epic 40,000 one. They come in units of four and there’s never enough.

Fast mechanised infantry support in two flavours.




For self-propelled indirect fire operations. Several colour variations depending on which company is using them.

Gotta love a good barrage!


For when only giant assault cannons will do.

Again never use these babies, pity cause there some of my favorite models and didn’t regret the time it took to get those decals on such small models.


Anti-aircraft fast support, not sure why I thought I needed eight of these guys, I think I was expecting to face a lot more airpower when Epic came out. Again painted in several versions of the Ultramarines colour schemes to match whatever core formation I was taking.

Must be a way of using all these babies at once!

Spare Rhinos

Why? Because there’s never enough Marines!

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