Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Sudan: Newline's 20mm Camel Corp Has Arrived!

Look, I know I should grow up and stop playing with toy soldiers, but what an excellent way to start the day.

Was checking some of the links on this blog and flicked over to Newline Designs home page to see that these guys had been finished and were on display on the homepage  (seriously I was like OMG! OMG! OMG!).

I can already see from the pic that the figures are depicted accurately and with superb detail as expected from Newline. The bandoleers are correct and even the goggles have been depicted! The poses are great with just the right amount of drama and look at the options:

SUD20 - Mounted Camel Corp Officer - 1 camel and rider
SUD21 - Mounted Camel Corp Bugler - 1 camel and rider
SUD22 - Mounted Camel Corp Trooper - 1 camel and rider
SUD23 - Dismounted Camel Corp Command - 4 figures
SUD24 - Dismounted Camel Corp Standing Firing - 4 figures
SUD25 - Dismounted Camel Corp Standing at Ready - 4 figures
SUD26 - Dismounted Camel Corp Kneeling Loading - 4 figures
SUD27 - Dismounted Camel Corp Kneeling Firing - 4 figures
SUD28 - Dismounted Camel Corp Advancing - 4 figures

Even a quick cross reference to the cover of 'Go Strong into the Desert' produced by Perry Miniatures attests to the accuracy provided by Newline.

The market (read me) has been waiting for 20mm/1/72 scale dismounted Camel Corp figures since HaT released its Camel Corp offering back in 2008, with only one dismounted figure, kneeling, firing.

The sole dismounted figure in HaT's Camel Corp set - image borrowed from Plastic Soldier Review.

Now it looks like an excellent Desert Brigade can be made up for my Sudan 1500 Project (was the Sudan 1000 Project, but see that previous post).

For me this is a project 30 years in the making. It was this plate that appeared in Military Modelling back in the Eighties which started the whole thing.

Followed by these plates which appeared in the Army & Navy Modelworld Dec 1984/Jan 1985 edition which sealed my enthusiasm for this period.

So perhaps the excitement I feel about completing the Camel Corp for my project is understandable, its been a long wait.

Perhaps when its all done, I'll get out more, see people, get a girlfriend, you know the things normal people do... Nah!

Enjoy Traction!