Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sudan: KRRC & Royal Marines

The touch up mentioned in the NSW post didn’t take long at all with only 6 figures needed to complete a BP battalion.
Again I used the Painting Guide at Perry Miniatures as a, um, well, guide. To produce a firing line of the  3rd Battlion of the Kings Royal Rifle Corp (KRRC).
So lets have a bit of a look at these Stretlets figures.
These are from Strelets 038 British Infantry and to be fair there are one or two very good poses and sculpts.
However, on many figures the pith helmets kinda look like a cross between the Rebel helmets from the first Star Wars movie and half a peeled avocado. The cut of the uniform is variable and incorrect, and most of the webbing and gear is also not really historical, with equipment from several different periods and campaigns.
Having said all that the bonus is that all the figures are a unique sculpt and the good sculpts have real character.
At the ‘arms length’ wargames standard, this unit looks good on the table and even the worse sculpts used are at a reasonable standard (I left the actual worse sculpts on the sprew). This pulls the whole unit together and these will still make a welcome addition to the Anglo-Egyptian forces.
BTW: It was only when I edited these photos that I noticed the over enthusiastic application of the desert yellow, not only on the base, but unfortunately on some of the figures. Since remedied.
Also from the same box a Small unit of skirmishers, painted closely to the Royal Marines of the guide mentioned above.
And before anyone politely points out that the British didn’t have flags in the Sudan, to be accurate, they didn’t carry the King’s or their company colours, but did have small brightly coloured ‘brigade’ flags, to identify unit commanders in the field.
So perhaps not the best colonial figures on the market, but still very much usable and another unit down for the insanity which is my ’1000 figure Sudan collection’ project.

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