Friday, 26 November 2021

AWI: Even More British


Two more AWI units down much thanks to Spiro at Pants of War, the first half of the second lot he's commissioned to do (of 4 lots! ๐Ÿ˜„).

This time its the last of the regular Brits and by the looks of it the colonel of the 3rd is as happy about it as me (he looks like he's smiling).

But having gone through every regimental colour with previous units I doubled up on yellow as the regimental colour for the 3rd - primarily as there seems to be more of these units in the theatre.

I've given them blue trousers to distinguish form the other yellow unit and as there are a couple of photos in the BP AWI supplement of Brits with blue trousers, I say its good and it looks great.

Yes, this chap may well smirk as his sergeant barks the order for the firing line of the 3rd to open up, as next up the first beige unit for the force.

The 44th regiment waits patiently to engage and I chose the regimental colour for this unit primarily as I really liked the drummer uniform with reversed coat. I must say that the contrast paints Spiro used have brought the details out for the uniform and the faces.

For tiny ~18mm figs (listed as 1/72 but don't go there - I already did in a previous post), this is great detail.

The 3rd's colours are from and the 44th's are from warflag and then (because they have a distinctive wreath) I borrowed from other flags on Dr Google and munged the two together.

That these units can take there place with the other 8 finished units is something to smile about...

... and the drummer can continue to hope that his distinctive coat, in amongst the distinctive flags, doesn't make him an immediate target on the field, as he waits for the next two semi-regular units to arrive; two loyalist units in as equally distinctive bright green. ๐Ÿ˜€

Saturday, 2 October 2021

Desert Forces


... or pretty much, what I did during New Zealand's second COVID lockdown.

So the goal was to do something with the hordes of 20mm figures that had been replaced by newer sculpts and companies and recklessly stuffed in a box, and had come home from far to many Bring and Buys.

The second goal was to find a game and a way to teach my stepson about losing during a game, especially your 'favourite' figure of the day.

The result was a Black Powder supplement - greatly simplified with the addition of heroes, magic, monsters and machines, desert scenery and the desert forces themselves - which were meant to be reinforced by Redbox's Dark Alliance Mummies and Anubis army, which have as yet, failed to show up from muster - international shipping being what it is.

Excellent Adventures - Black Powder Supplement

I grabbed Hordes of the Things, Warmaster Revolution and Black Powder V2 and munged the first two into the third. What resulted was an exceptionally fun, and funny, not to be taken seriously supplement which worked really well - with very little rule changes for core BP rules.

We had hordes, steam tanks, Giger-moths, stoic British infantry, and crazy magicians firing off their fizzing silliness all over the place. Instead of trying to 'win' the object was to tell the 'story' and not mind which side you were on or who won - I guess teaching how to lose before teaching how to win - sounds counterintuitive I know, but I don't think we've laughed so much in ages.


Building upon previous desert escapades, we updated the Temple of Seth with a couple of extensions.

Then, 'build a pyramid' he said, 'from the bricks we made from das' he said, 'it'll be fun'.
Ten hours later and we have a small pyramid, which I have to admit, set the scene nicely, even for the pyramids in northern Sudan (who knew they had them???)
And of course you have to have an abandoned fort and a hastily erected stone defence robbed from said pyramid (see the 'good guy' photos for the stone defence).

The 'Bad Guys'

The bad guys, in a homage to Indiana Jones baddies, red and black theme and warriors from the Esci Set 238 Muslim Warriors and Italeri Set 6010 Saracen Warriors, flying horrors from Eagle Games Egyptian 'Age of Mythology' sprue, and a giant Djinn from the 25mm Ral Partha range.

Led by a great As-Sihr (magician) and hell bent on reaching the pyramid cemetery at Meroe to raise the dead and basically do 'bad things'.

Classic hordes of bad guys for your chosen heroes to fight, backed by a mighty Djinn hero.

The red and black certainly put colour on the board and the forces were finished off by further Eagle Games Egyptian sculpts of various monsters - used in a summoning/charm spell during the shooting round.

The 'Good Guys'

A lot of these were re-based from various HoTT forces and further photos can be found here.

Victoria's Forces

Stirling lads from various regiments stationed at Suakin, set out to chase and confront the As-Sihr forces. 

Mostly drawn from the old Esci Set 232Colonial India British Infantry and A Call To Arms Set 57 British Infantry Zulu War boxes of 1/72 awesomeness.

Including a regiment ordered to wear their red coats - one last time - to show the As-Sihr forces they were just as 'red' blooded as they were.

Inspired, many of the KRRC donned their old dark green for the coming battle.

The rest of the forces wore their new khaki smocks.

The special brigade (the only one with red epaulets) were led by their general.

Even a regimental chaplain volunteered to meet the As-Sihr and all their magical fizzing silliness, quoting "This maniacal fuddery-duddery just won't do!" - essentially a 'magician' that uses the Dwarven 'dispel magic' spell from Warmaster,
Envigoured by their comrades, the Camel Regiment joined in also, ditching their camels for local ponies - Italeri converted confederate cavalry.
Dismounted, the Camel Regiment loved to blow their own horn - Esci conversions.
Lost in the desert, a Major and his colleagues struggle on.

Some gas-powered Giger-moths for scouting and machine gun action.

A hero in a steam-driven armoured car joined the fray.

Along with a steam-driven tank (converted from Emhar, I think)

Sepoy Regiment

Worried by the rate at which the As-Sihr forces were drawing supporters from across the northern Sudan, the British dispatched reinforcements from India in the form of some Sepoys and cavalry. Drawn from the same Esci set above and Strelets Set 057 Bengal Lancers.

The general and some light foot troops.

A full regiment of Sepoys was a welcome sight given what faced the force at the Meroe pyramid cemetery.

As fierce as any British soldier.

Drawn from all over India.

The Indian 'lights' were a welcome addition for scouting and flank duties.

Those Caught In-between

The Mahdi's and Local Forces

Forces to make up the numbers on either side, depending on who they choose to support.

The addition of Red Sea pirates never hurt.

Madhist rifle-armed forces to make up more numbers.

A company of 'imports' from the Northern Frontier.

Most Excellent Adventures

So, having reused many very old bits and pieces, some most excellent adventures were had in the northern Sudanese desert. I might cobble together the additional rules for the future and wasn't really surprised that the magic from Warmaster fit right in to Black Powder given the lineage of these rulesets.

The heroes, machines and monsters required an adjustment of thinking for unit sizes (We only used Small and Tiny units for 'company-level' units), but all in all a completely unexpected success and now these figures can be used by a subsequent generation - as well as this one :)

Monday, 26 July 2021

The British are Coming... Again!


In an effort to get three epic 20mm projects finished and move away from the scale (to something my eyes can actually see without glasses๐Ÿ˜), I commissioned my mate Spiro to undertake four lots of AWI this year (apologies for quality of some photos).

The first commission was four BP standard units of AWI British, the 8th (blue facings), 33rd (red facings) 64th (black facings), and the 58th (pink/purple facings).

8th Regiment of Foot
After the guards unit finished ages ago, I've gone for another blue, primarily to swap the drummer over from the guards who had a reversed coat (which is embarrassing). And while you can say for certain that drummers from blue-faced units didn't have reversed coast (guards especially), you can't say for certain that some blue-faced units didn't-not have drummers with a reversed coat - so there.
Guards regiment finally gets a drummer with the right coat.
Next up another generic unit of red facings, which can be the 33rd.
33rdregiment/red facings.
Spiro used Contrast paint for the flesh and its brought the tiny, plastic, details out really well - but after a slight mishap with some Army Painter varnish, I had to go back and touch up the rest of the units using traditional painting techniques.

After the first lot of generic British units (also commission from Sprio) done back in 2016, this round I wanted to introduce some known units. The first of these and a must have for any AWI collection, the 64th foot.
64th Regiment of Foot - Black unit colour.
The flags are again from and this one has the regimental unit number legible which is only right and proper for the 64th. Then I went for the 59th, which is the only unit to have pink/purple facings (I think).
59th Regiment of Foot - Pink/Purple unit colour.
I cobbled together the regimental colour from warflag and pictures of Mr Google, as there was no 59th available.
So that's brought the unit numbers up closer to the goal of achieving a 'sea of red' advancing across the battlefield. 
Spiro's currently doing the last of the standard foot units, two 'redcoats' and two green loyalist units. I found some metal 20mm from Irregular to create a couple of combined grenadier units and after purchasing some test figures to check the scale, reckon they'll fit right in, and then the British foot will be done.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

AWI: Bourbonnais Regiment


OK so you could say its been a good long while since I did anything remotely wargamesish, including having an actual game. But the summer came and went and I started my other hobby but between work and family, I've finally been able to finish something. More cannon fodder for my AWI Black Powder, 20mm collection, the French Bourbonnais regiment.

Another standard sized unit for the Americans, spurred on by my mate Spiro, who's taken some other AWI commission work for me. But why I chose an all white unit with black cuffs to do first, is beyond me - not very exciting.

But its done and the Italerai figures certainly paint up nice and I admit these started life as Soissonois but realised there was a better figure pose to show the 1779 uniform at Yorktown and its pretty pink facings up the front of the coat.

But the detail is there for figures this size, even if Italerai decided to make every figure in the pack a Grenadier or Chasseur and gave all the figures double cross straps.

The flags are again from, which never fails to produce, especially as I got the local printer (physical not LTP) to print them, with much better brightness of colour than my own desktop printer.


PS. excuse the webs on some of the shots, at this time of year, around here you can't put anything outside for two minutes without it being covered in fine, silky strings.