Wednesday 9 June 2021

AWI: Bourbonnais Regiment


OK so you could say its been a good long while since I did anything remotely wargamesish, including having an actual game. But the summer came and went and I started my other hobby but between work and family, I've finally been able to finish something. More cannon fodder for my AWI Black Powder, 20mm collection, the French Bourbonnais regiment.

Another standard sized unit for the Americans, spurred on by my mate Spiro, who's taken some other AWI commission work for me. But why I chose an all white unit with black cuffs to do first, is beyond me - not very exciting.

But its done and the Italerai figures certainly paint up nice and I admit these started life as Soissonois but realised there was a better figure pose to show the 1779 uniform at Yorktown and its pretty pink facings up the front of the coat.

But the detail is there for figures this size, even if Italerai decided to make every figure in the pack a Grenadier or Chasseur and gave all the figures double cross straps.

The flags are again from, which never fails to produce, especially as I got the local printer (physical not LTP) to print them, with much better brightness of colour than my own desktop printer.


PS. excuse the webs on some of the shots, at this time of year, around here you can't put anything outside for two minutes without it being covered in fine, silky strings.