Monday 26 July 2021

The British are Coming... Again!


In an effort to get three epic 20mm projects finished and move away from the scale (to something my eyes can actually see without glasses­čśĆ), I commissioned my mate Spiro to undertake four lots of AWI this year (apologies for quality of some photos).

The first commission was four BP standard units of AWI British, the 8th (blue facings), 33rd (red facings) 64th (black facings), and the 58th (pink/purple facings).

8th Regiment of Foot
After the guards unit finished ages ago, I've gone for another blue, primarily to swap the drummer over from the guards who had a reversed coat (which is embarrassing). And while you can say for certain that drummers from blue-faced units didn't have reversed coast (guards especially), you can't say for certain that some blue-faced units didn't-not have drummers with a reversed coat - so there.
Guards regiment finally gets a drummer with the right coat.
Next up another generic unit of red facings, which can be the 33rd.
33rdregiment/red facings.
Spiro used Contrast paint for the flesh and its brought the tiny, plastic, details out really well - but after a slight mishap with some Army Painter varnish, I had to go back and touch up the rest of the units using traditional painting techniques.

After the first lot of generic British units (also commission from Sprio) done back in 2016, this round I wanted to introduce some known units. The first of these and a must have for any AWI collection, the 64th foot.
64th Regiment of Foot - Black unit colour.
The flags are again from and this one has the regimental unit number legible which is only right and proper for the 64th. Then I went for the 59th, which is the only unit to have pink/purple facings (I think).
59th Regiment of Foot - Pink/Purple unit colour.
I cobbled together the regimental colour from warflag and pictures of Mr Google, as there was no 59th available.
So that's brought the unit numbers up closer to the goal of achieving a 'sea of red' advancing across the battlefield. 
Spiro's currently doing the last of the standard foot units, two 'redcoats' and two green loyalist units. I found some metal 20mm from Irregular to create a couple of combined grenadier units and after purchasing some test figures to check the scale, reckon they'll fit right in, and then the British foot will be done.