Friday, 16 December 2016

AWI: British Guards

Another unit for the Brits, a standard BP guards battalion - blue facings.

These are again from the Accurate/IMEX Set 512 British Redcoats and not too bad as figures go - apart from the smaller size which I have already whined about in previous posts.

Unit command with Colonel leading from the front and the drum sergeant - who took  a while to get right.

No standard bearers for the unit as apparently all the guard units left their colours back in Britan before heading over to America.

Detail of the fur backpacks came out OK and superb molding and sculpting made picking out the lace on the cocked hats quite enjoyable (if you're a partially autistic SOG).

Even spent some time going back over the figures to highlight buttonholes on the coats.

Really happy with the way these guys came out.


  1. Wow, they look amazeballs! That drummer.. fark.. nice work.
    I especially love the muddy boots and leggings. Very nice touch. :D

  2. Thanks, the drummer took ages! The mud is an accidental result of impatience :) - that's the ground coat of the bases which has sloshed on to the figures as I rushed to finish the unit!

    1. haha, well it looks great. I love happy accidents like that.
      When I did the Warmaster Undead, I experimented with a new lacquer which ended up getting the grit from the base all over the figures. I was going to repaint them until Special Lady Friend told me it looked like they had just risen from the grave and that was dirt all over them.
      "Perfect," I says. "That's the official story from now on."

  3. Thanks but something was bugging me with that drummer, and after further research I can confirm that his coat is the wrong colour. It should be red faced blue... gah :/