Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Sudan: Naval Brigade

Finally had some time to actually paint something for the first time since April, a Gardner Gun and crew. The first piece of British artillery for Sudan Black Powder.

The figures are once again from HaT's Colonial range, Set 8180 -Gardner Gun.

Not too much preparation was needed, bit of flashing to do on the figures and simple and straightforward construction of the gun itself.

Noted that the gun pintle was a little bendy and I applied liberal amounts of pre-varnish white glue to the effected area; so the paint doesn't flake off.

But the gun and crew itself came out well.

And the Marines as well, including the pugaree conversion on the officer - seems worth the effort next to the gun and crew.

They are a Tiny BP unit that gets 'assigned' to the gun during the game so that - if they are in base contact - it increases the movement distance of the gun to move with other infantry.

There's a good sense of movement with the well proportioned figures and although fiddly to paint, I like the way  shoulder/scarf thingies came out in the end.

Another excellent addition from HaT to the collection.