Wednesday 14 October 2020

Retrospective Respite

While waiting for some alienesque reinforcements (which have finally arrived), I thought I'd search through some of the sci fi figure mountain for more things to paint.

With future playtesting on my mind, I came across some Daemonscape (GZG) resin vehicles and after 5 years since purchasing, thought I'd actually paint them.

15mm and 25mm Heavy Lifters

First up, Daemonscape's MT28 BIG RIG super heavy transporter and MT36 BigBertha super heavy transporter (actually listed in their 6mm range, but read on).

These guys will pull double duty at 15mm and 25mm as, apart from one hatch which you can't really see (honest), they are wonderfully scale agnostic.
BIG RIG As 15mm
BIG RIG, still big as 25mm
The models are fairly basic resin casts but certainly have a decent presence once assembled.
BIGBertha As 15mm
BIGBertha As 25mm
Assembly itself was easy as Daemonscape was awesome and had cleaned/sanded all the major the joins.
Some minor sanding and filing was necessary, but with craft glue and super glue, things came and stuck together really quickly.
Having said that, the top section of BIG RIG is shorter by ~5mm than its bottom half.
Fixing the gap - some plastic card and superglue did the trick... yes I bought two, it was a long time ago, it was late, there was wine...
Not something that can be filled and that required a quick sojourn into the plastic card box to wrap over the gap (I chose to push the top forward and wrap the back join)... so probably not kits for a beginner to do.

I also did a mix and match with both kits' hatches for BigBertha - so she is not 'as sold'.

All in all, these are good kits and have come out well, and really happy with them as an addition to game exposition or as part of an army.

25mm Hover Vans

Next up, some civilian vehicles for exposition and cover in games, the Daemonscape Casevac VTOL.
Again basic resin sculpts (only top and bottom) which look good when painted up.
Coz I'm lazy, I did the PVA fill and paint the bottom section a darker colour to mask the join, which actually worked really well.
Definitely not scale agnostic but a welcome addition for more colour and interest on the table for 25mm games.
I think the only thing missing on all these ships are some custom decals, which would finish them off nicely - but something I've been putting off doing for years for fear of totally *&^%$*&^% it up 😁.
Think there's some more Daemonscape/GZG resin floating around somewhere but I can't wait to start on the 15mm Khurasan Exterminators and Leading Edge 25mm Aliens (can actually call them that as they had the license in the 80s 👍😆).

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