Tuesday 10 January 2017

AWI: Virginia State Infantry/New Jersey Regiment

Finished the next American Continental regiment for Black Powder using 6060 Italeri American Infantry set.

This time the regiment was chosen for its bright colours and checking the BP: Rebellion! supplement again, indicates that this unit can be used as Virginia State Infantry or possibly one of the New Jersey regiments - post 1777.

In the previous Rhode Island State Infantry post I covered the many issues with the Italeri set, but again these figures have painted up really well and have superb detailing which made painting them a breeze. Although some of the detailing on the muskets had to be painted on because of the position of the weapon in the mould.

Again the flag is from Warflag.com and I have taken the liberty... :)... of using one of the speculative flags, mainly because of its colour. So not historical at all.

This is another decent unit and looks great beside the Rhode Island unit finished previously - two down, seven to go.


  1. Nice! Great uniform and like the in your face flag too :)

  2. Very nice. Well done there Dave.

  3. Thank you kindly and yes the flag does not hold back in its messaging - Liberty or death!