Saturday 8 April 2017

AWI: Continental Light Infantry

Finished off another couple of auxiliary units for BP: Rebellion! This time its some light infantry for the New England brigade.

Figures are from Strelets M071 British Light Infantry in Egypt 1801 with slight modifications to fit AWI, as per the Lee's Legion unit finished previously. They look a bit rough compared to the Italeri figures, despite re-working several times.

This time the uniform is based on two sources, the Baccus website and its 1779 Continental Regulations, and the Uniforms of the American Revolution website and its 1782 Light Infantry plate.

In this colour scheme these could be LI units for the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut Regiments. Yes I'm aware there were no battles after 1781, although the Brits stayed until 1783.

They've been mounted so that they can form: 2 x small BP units, 1 x standard BP unit, or 1x small BP unit and a small dismounted unit for the 2nd Continental Dragoons finished previously, should the need arise.

This finishes off the 'New England' brigade.

Next up a couple of Virginia Continental Artillery crews, and Lee's and the 3rd Continental Dragoons.

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