Friday, 31 March 2017

AWI: Maryland Battalion 1776

A bump in the painting roster due to a delay in painting supplies, has brought forward the completion of next continental battalion, the Maryland Battalion circa 1776.

The inspiration for this unit came from the cover and double-page plate in the Osprey Campaign title - New York 1776, which depicts the 'Maryland 400' battalion charging at Gowanus. The BP Supplement supports this, describing them in 1776 as 'hunting shirts died tan' with officers 'red coats faced buff'.

The figures are well proportioned and detailed, and are from the Accurate 7201 American Militia/IMEX 511 George Washington's Army set. While not exactly dressed in hunting 'shirts', they look to be dressed in hunting 'coats' - close enough I say.

One out of the three boxes I bought had figures as per the IMEX listing, the other two had figures as per the Accurate listing, the drummer is a spare one from the Italeri 6060 set.

All have been mounted on 3mm bases as opposed to card, as - like their Accurate/IMEX counterparts - they are about a head shorter than figures from other manufacturers of this period.

The battalion is a large BP unit that can be reduced back to standard, producing an additional command stand also. It is said that Lord Stirling (Maj. Gen. Alexander) personally lead the battalion in the action at Gowanus, hence the inclusion of the mounted officer (from the Revell 2572 set).

This completes the line units for the Maryland/Virginia brigade and next up is the raft of light infantry and dragoons I've prepped while waiting for detail brushes, to complete the New England and Maryland/Virginia BP brigades.

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