Wednesday, 22 March 2017

AWI: 2nd Continental Dragoons

The first auxiliary troops for this period have come off the painting table, a small BP unit of the 2nd Continental Dragoons.

These guys have come from the Revell 02573 Austrian Dragoons set and I've done some head conversions using the heads from spare light infantry out of the A Call To Arms 65 British Infantry 1775 set.

The uniform reference this time began out of the Rebellion! BP supplement but was finalised on the Baccus website, hence the helmet conversions - which I admit was a last minute decision. I've gone for Bay horses - standard and buckskin - and a single gray for the commander.

Not my best effort and had to spend a lot of time on painting some of the white details on as the moulding from 1992 - when the set was first produced - was not the greatest.

The 1775 flag is off the net (after the following search on Google images "awi 2nd continental dragoons flag") and after a quick confirmation from the Historical Flags of Our Ancestors website to make sure it was correct... wish I'd scrolled down as there is a flag for this unit for the later part of the war, no matter.

Next up - will the fun never stop!? - an artillery crew.

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