Sunday, 26 March 2017

Blood Bowl: Balls!

Having had an excellent introduction game of the recently re-released Blood Bowl from Games Workshop - thanks Simon!, using none other than a painted Chaos team I picked up for less than $20, years ago, I got a little enthusiastic about it.

It was a fun game that had several layers of game play and was a typically excellent GW specialist game.

Noticing the 'embryonic state' of the plastic parts of the sets we were using and knowing Simon is busy with babies... with the thought of the further games he'd be arranging for us, I offered to paint his balls...

... after the giggling and semi-awkward silence had settled down, I got to work.

First up some Orc balls I think... I did't realise Orcs had balls...

I went for two standard 'dirty-look' Orc balls made out of leather and a hume-skinned ball for a bit of fun.

Next some of Simon's Skaven balls... I think that's warp fire? Luckily I found I actually had five shades of the appropriate green paint! But it did pose the question...

... if I have a Skaven ball in one hand and a Skaven ball in another hand, what do I have?

A rather large Skaven... ah thank you and goodnight.