Sunday, 19 March 2017

AWI: 3rd Virginia Regiment

And another one down, and another one down, and another one bites the dust... next line unit done for the Americans. This time its the 3rd Virginia unit circa 1780ish, pale blue coats with blue facings, white lining and shortclothes. No references for musicians so decided on taking a break from reversed coats.

Continuing on with territorial based brigades for gaming  BP Rebellion!, this unit will take its place alongside the Virginia State Infantry and Lee's Legion infantry in a Maryland/Virginia brigade.

The Italeri 6060 box continues to produce great results, although these are the same figures as per the 4th Mass unit completed last week, including the hat and standard bearer conversions - the comments for which can be seen in the 4th Mass post.

The 3rd Virginia flag is from the Historical Flags of Our Ancestors site and a little oversized but nonetheless the first (guaranteed) 100% accurate flag for this American army - "...the 3rd Virginia colors were one of four captured by the British. In 2006, the four regimental flags... sold at Sotheby's auction for over $5,000,000."

Close up of command, no reversed coats and yes that is a beaver on the flag...

Right, a bit of a break from line units and onto the auxiliary units for the New England brigade, then I feel the need to do a large Maryland battalion in hunting shirts, then the auxilaries for that brigade, then back on to the British... it never ends... to try and produce enough units for a small BP game by June :)


  1. Hi - I've just found this as part of my own research on the 3rd Virginia. Very nice AWI armies you have here!

    Best wishes