Wednesday, 22 March 2017

AWI: 3rd Continental Artillery Crew

A few more auxiliary troops for the Continentals in the form of some crew to man a couple of the cannons painted previously.

Have again taken the uniform from what's listed in the BP Rebellion supplement, for this organisation of artillery: black coats, red facings and lining, buff shortclothes.

The supplement summarises that Massachusetts raised the 3rd Continental Artillery circa 1779, so these guys have been included in the New England brigade.

The figures are from the IMEX 555 British Artillery set. Why? Because this set was originally produced in 1/32 scale as American artillery. For some reason IMEX swapped their sets around when producing 1/72 versions of them. After hours upon hours of reviewing contemporary pictures of these guys, I agreed with the PSR reviews and will swap the two sets back - not that you can really tell at this scale :)

Unfortunately the plastic is quite brittle and the sponge guy lost his sponge along the way, and is now holding what is commonly referred to as a 'stick' - I'll convert something at some stage to replace it. Apart from that the figures are well detailed and easy to paint.

American gunner sights down the barrel - is it any wonder I'm single I ask myself?

But with the average finish of these guys comes the realisation that, while a good workman never blames his tools, my detail brushes are well used - and I think have come into contact with superglue :o - I'm out of white undercoat, and have been scraping the bottom of my Citadel White Scar for the last week.

Lancer miniatures' and Revell plastic gun.
Its time for a supply run to my local Games Workshop!


  1. Looks good! Have you considered switching to Vallejo paint? Cheaper and lasts longer because the pots aren't desgined to dry out! Acorn Models or Mighty Ape delivers quickly. ;)

    Also for brushes I've heard good things about this company for cheap but good brushes.

  2. Thanks! Have been using Vallejo for the Sudan stuff, will give their white a go as it does flow better out of the bottle.

    To be fair, that Citadel paint lasted just over three years and was used for almost everything I've painted since this blog went up. The problem was I used it all... before it dried out :)

    Those brushes are wickedly cheap - thanks!!