Sunday 8 October 2017

AWI: British Command and Completed British Brigade

Finally, enough troops painted up to host a game of Black Powder: Rebellion! Roughly 12 units a side - still counting small units as 'half', after almost a year since the Hesse-Cassel Brigade was finished, and just enough for two brigades and a command reserve.

So with the 17th Light Dragoons and Artillerymen completed this week, the British commands are also now done-idly-un. So lets start with no other than General Howe himself - How do you do, indeed? Aha hahahaha. (Figures look a little shiny as its been too wet to spray varnish for the last few days.)

More B and B Miniatures for this high command stand, AR21 British Staff Mounted - with heaps of character. One of the figures looked like General Howe (probably intentionally) so, I mean, you just gotta, eh? Which moves us to the first brigade command.

These are the equivalent command figures as the American command painted last week but this time from the IMEX 512 British Redcoats set. Similar reservations as the American figures painted last week - comments can be found in that post - but same good results.

Here's a few shots of the finished British Brigade ready for a game of Black Powder: Rebellion!

Nice stream of Brits rushing forwards in brigade.

Not quite a sea of red yet as the other brigade is Hessian, but definitely on its way.

Which brings me to the next thing to do.

Yes, there's still four brigades to do, for each side for the AWI, but the white smallclothes and plethora of white strapping, plumes, and buttons has done my head in after a year of painting. Time for a change and here's what's on my painting list at present:
  • the mess of figures that have been in the nooks and crannys of my painting desk for over two years
  • finishing a 20mm US WII American mechanised and tank platoon, started in 2007 (yes, 2007 - its not a typo), which I forgot to take to the bring and buy a couple of weeks back. Its painted but awaiting stowage conversions... and painting new infantry, since I sold my very old Matchbox mech platoon at the same bring and buy - I've got the figures, the stowage, the Vallejo paints and a copy of Bolt Action and Crossfire - so what's stopping me?
  • start the recently acquired Perry's French Ordonannce army - the figures are beautiful - but they give me 'the fear'. I've never painted 28mm before, they'll need a better finish than 20mm, that's for sure.
... or maybe another British AWI brigade and some French... :)


  1. Great photographs and well painted miniatures. Good to see B and b Miniatures AWI figures on show. I think they offer a great AWI range. My favourites are the Hessian Jaeger figures, AR31.

  2. Thanks! Yea, the BnBs have a heap of character, wish I'd found them earlier :)

  3. Thank you very much for sharing your figures athe best source i have found for a 1/72 AWI army, I will study all your posts!; i'm begining a blog about the same matter! I think with many things in common...
    Please comment about it!

  4. Congratulations, you have almost finished a real difficult project. Painting, composition,cleaning...and I know these things are a headache in 1/72 scale...
    I'm trying a very, very similar project...and with very similar answers. what a pity that I didn't discovered your blog before!i hope to be in contact with you..
    I have a lot of work done, i have just begun to post them, please comment it...

    Thank you very much!

  5. Very well painting, I like your correct and clean style in painting, basing and arrangement. It´s not easy in 1/72 scale…I love this scale and this period¡

  6. Thanks Antonio for all your kind words. Have been absent from blogging for a while, so sorry for taking so long to respond :)