Tuesday, 3 October 2017

AWI: British Artillerymen

Was able to finish these guys off in between work. Finally some British cannoneers for the artillery painted months ago.

They're from the IMEX 554 American Artillery set and painted up well, to the standard for the time: blue coats, red facings and white lining/turnbacks. Several of the figures are sculpted in their waistcoats, which makes for some good variety.

There's good detail on these IMEX figures which made them enjoyable and easy to paint, including the correct metal water bottle - which still makes the IMEX American Artillery set better used for the Brits - see the previous American artillerymen post for 'box swap' details - but that really is splitting hairs at this scale.

Lancer Miniatures guns from 7YW range go well with these figures.

Some construction needed for the figure damping the barrel, whose arms and damper come separately. It was a bit fiddly and the shaft was a bit fragile, but after a couple of tries, the slots on the forearms seated in the armholes on the body, with the exercise bordering on the polite side of the use of expletives scale.

More Lancer Miniatures guns from 7YW range.

So with the American brigades finished a few weeks back, that's one more thing off the list. Only the 17th light dragoons to go and a couple of command bases - already prepped and ready - and the armies will be ready for a game of Black Powder: Rebellion!.