Sunday 23 August 2020

Sci Fi Terrain II - Battle Systems

Still getting terrain together to start playtesting the new Sci Fi game and I'd always wanted some exterior walls for the Battle System terrain I got many years ago.

I couldn't find any on the site and emailed to see if they were still available. Unfortunately my set is pretty old and not really 'supported' in current range. But I have to say Wayne from Battle Systems was awesome.

He sent me the links to the old DLC files and from them I was able to retro-engineer some walls and gateways. Just excellent service from these guys.
I tried to be careful in the design as I wanted to use these with 15mm and 25/28mm. Think they came out OK, made from card, printed at the local printer.

At 15mm, with the external walls in, the Battle Systems stuff looks like awesome hangers.

And the vehicles fit in without any scale problems.

Khurasan and GZG works well.

Khurasan M2189 Caimans and M3918 Polecats, with GZG New Israeli (old sculpt) hard suits. 

For 25mm, more of the Battle Systems interior goodies can be used.

And a couple of (ex-GZG, Wombat) Daemonscape Hover APCs also make fitting additions inside the interior.

And a heavy hover tank to boot, inside the vehicle bay, awaiting a final spraying of paint.

Mostly happy with how the walls came out, some of the gates didn't quite fit together as expected, but should make for a lot more interesting gaming.

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