Sunday 19 December 2021

AWI Loyalists

 The final standard infantry units for the Brits are done and probably the final thing I'll paint this year. 

Its only taken five years to get British line completed but it was worth it... πŸ˜‚

To finish off the 'sea of red' created by the other ten line units (and some Grenadiers still to come) a splodge of green, Loyalist Green from early on in the conflict.

Loosely based on the Loyalist Regiment Massachusetts and Regiment of Fencible Americans - although flags have been swapped around for ascetics.

Loyalists - Massachusetts flag with blue facings.

This was another joint effort from Spiro at Pants of War (Commission: Lot 2) and some highlighting and shading to move the contrast paints closer to historic colours.

Loyalist Fencible Americans(ish) with speculative flag (read 'made up' - I'm speculating they had a flag) and white facings.
So, still two lots of French to come and another four Continental units off their sprew awaiting paint (might be a holiday thing)(and some militia which I've been putting off for years now). Still loving the detail on these IMEX/Accurate figures.

But having received some drummers with tricorns from Irregular and placing the grenadiers I'd brought against some Continentals, I've had second thoughts about using them as they stand a full head shorter than the Italeri figures - sad face.

So as bold as the Loyalist colonel standing above, his drummer clearly wondering what the last order he barked was, I've sent the Irregulars to Coventry and ordered some B and B Miniatures which stand the same height but are a little bulkier in style to the plastics - fricking onwards!

Kinda like the light dragoons painted previously, so why not... oh and some Butlers Rangers... and some Queens Rangers... for light duties, why wouldn't you?

... anybody want two BP units of unpainted, AWI British Grenadiers, circa 18mm tall, PM me 😁 .. to be fair on Irregular, they are excellent, well proportioned figures - just accurately 20mm (unlike the plastics which stand between 22mm and 26mm). I remain yours, pendantically JS.

Merry Non-Denominational Holidays πŸ˜„

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