Thursday, 16 December 2021

Gaslands! Got the Bug!


Haven't played a game of Gaslands yet but after reading the rules, reviews and watching a few demos on YouTube, it was I game I decided I couldn't live without - coz Its like Car Wars but without the grid! 😁

I just gotta say it was oddly satisfying and addictive wrecking some Hot Wheels cars and making models from them.

It started slow with The Great Die Cast Shortage of '21 but my wonderful little buddy of a step son sorted through what was left at our local Warehouse (think KMart for US friends and 'big shop with heaps of stuff you didn't know you didn't need' for UK friends) and found the Kia (on right). Then lo and behold, 10 weeks out from Xmas, a shipment must have arrived in NZ from the states and the Jag came next.

Then, after going to down to buy a hose fitting or something as equally mundane, we came home with another 9 cars!

Killer Kia: Grenades and minigun

I got some templates and roads from a local firm Battle Kiwi and might do a sperate post for them coz their stuff is excellent. And then got the Implements of Carnage sprew 1, some dice and Warboys from Northstar.

Jaguar XJYes!: Also grenades and minigun

Just couldn't resist putting miniguns on these first two and in the spirit of the game, the team name for these guys is Black Knights of the Red Dragon.

And I can't describe the almost insane feeling you get when you drill out the cars.

And just how awesomely replete it is when you stick a Northstar figure in a Hot Wheels car.

Think I ended up drilling out everything we bought and then stuck most of the metal chassis in 1:1 solution of Dettol and water - hey presto, overnight, no more paint.

Drilled out Camaro and some of the awesome bits from the Northstar Implements of Carnage 1 sprew

Looking forward to getting some Mad Max type vehicles together using the Northstar figures and actually getting a game in!

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