Friday 26 November 2021

AWI: Even More British


Two more AWI units down much thanks to Spiro at Pants of War, the first half of the second lot he's commissioned to do (of 4 lots! πŸ˜„).

This time its the last of the regular Brits and by the looks of it the colonel of the 3rd is as happy about it as me (he looks like he's smiling).

But having gone through every regimental colour with previous units I doubled up on yellow as the regimental colour for the 3rd - primarily as there seems to be more of these units in the theatre.

I've given them blue trousers to distinguish form the other yellow unit and as there are a couple of photos in the BP AWI supplement of Brits with blue trousers, I say its good and it looks great.

Yes, this chap may well smirk as his sergeant barks the order for the firing line of the 3rd to open up, as next up the first beige unit for the force.

The 44th regiment waits patiently to engage and I chose the regimental colour for this unit primarily as I really liked the drummer uniform with reversed coat. I must say that the contrast paints Spiro used have brought the details out for the uniform and the faces.

For tiny ~18mm figs (listed as 1/72 but don't go there - I already did in a previous post), this is great detail.

The 3rd's colours are from and the 44th's are from warflag and then (because they have a distinctive wreath) I borrowed from other flags on Dr Google and munged the two together.

That these units can take there place with the other 8 finished units is something to smile about...

... and the drummer can continue to hope that his distinctive coat, in amongst the distinctive flags, doesn't make him an immediate target on the field, as he waits for the next two semi-regular units to arrive; two loyalist units in as equally distinctive bright green. πŸ˜€

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