Sunday, 3 April 2016

15mm Anti-Xeno Marines

… and who will save us from the madding hordes of xenomorphs?
A Xeno Rapid Response Platoon of the marines of course.
Since the embarrassing incident on LV426, the subsequent and equally embarrassing incidents with the military and their experiments in the hundreds of years since that time, the marines and their equipment has moved on quite a bit.
There are now ceramic veneers for armour specifically designed to provide the marines with greater protection against what is commonly called ‘acid-splash’ – what happens when the Xeno’s blood is spilled. Even acid-splash suppressant weapons, and much more sophisticated tech kit to track the tricky xeno hordes.
However despite these upgrades the configuration of the first bit of gear to review, will be familiar.

The X577-M2 is the evolution of the M577 and is the anti-xeno version of the MkII M577 or M577-M2.

To represent the X577 in 15mm I’ve used the Defence Force Heavy Infantry Combat Vehicle from Khurasan Miniatures remarkable 15mm Sci Fi range… which looks similar but is not based on any particular movie franchise collateral.
To provide rapidly deployed local support and transport for commanders, I’ve opted for the X478-M3, which boasts heavy support weapon and a missile based system for indirect area effect.

Again this is a fantastic offering from Khurasan Miniatures, the Armoured Light Utility Vehicle.
To the marines themselves, I’ve gone to another amazing range of 15mm Sci Fi, Ground Zero Games 15mm Star Grunt - New Israeli Armoured Infantry in hardsuits.
Here’s the commander and a couple of sections from the XRRP.

To me these guys kinda look like Halo grunts which is cool.
But that’s it for the Marine XRRP, the platoon itself is part of an anti-xeno technical infantry company, the components of which have been purchased (more NI from GZG and anti-grav sleds) but yet to be painted.


  1. What rules are you using them for? (Why the multi bases?)

  2. Erm... good question, none at present :). Multi based because I wanted to do company level sci fi with them, so don't want to move individual 15mms around.