Sunday, 3 April 2016

15mm Xenomorphs by Khurasan Miniatures

400 years ago there was a slight incident on the tiny planet of LV426 involving some marines, a terraform facility, a rather large nuclear explosion, and some xenomorphs; who quite frankly handed the marines’ their arses on a silver platter.
Nowadays we have the right equipment to cope with these types of infestation (as I hope future blogs will show), however as much as we may try, the spread of the xenomorph is still on the rise. Especially if you buy 20 bags of Space Demons from Khurasan Miniatures!

This batch was painted up by Spiro Dotgeek, and I was particularly whiny and difficult when I gave him the commission guidelines. ‘They’re basically black’ I said ‘In the movies its the lighting that gives them colours… please paint them as black with a kinda blue-grey zenithal highlight…’. The prefect customer.

He has done a magnificent job on these fellas.

I initially prepped them and there was not too much too it, and nothing an evening in front of the telly with some files couldn’t cope with. After all there was 72 xeno minis, including two queens, in the first batch.

The fact that the prep takes twice as long because the heads come separately and have to be glued on (I’ve used supermarket level superglue – no probs), is no big thing.

This is because, between the number of poses and number of heads supplied, you get to make up quite a few different creatures, with dynamic poses that have captured these aliens’ brutal and vigorous countenance.

So there is some modelling skill and experience required for these minis, but thumbs up Khurasan, great figures!

Views from VTOL window as a horde of xenos moves out from cover.

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