Sunday, 3 April 2016

Warmaster: Tomb Kings

Here's a quick look at some old pics of my Warmaster: Tomb King army.

The army has grown considerably since these were taken, almost by another third.

It's still an awesome game sixteen years after its first release and clearly the embryo for Hail Caesar and Black Powder. In fact last year it was the game I played the most.

Tomb King & Priests

General's levitating pyramid (chariot mount)

Liche Priest on Zombie dragon (flying mount)

The priests, lets face it, the real rulers of the undead empire!

Rank & File

Undead Hordes

As with all GW miniatures these are excellently designed, sculpted and produced.

Even the 'cannon fodder' like these ranks of skeleton bowmen are excellent figures for 10mm.

The Undead Bows

Chariots & Cavalry

These guys rock, missiles heading in plus bonuses for charging and just for being chariots!

Great sense of movement with these cavalry.

The Train

Skullchukkas! When in the field, its customary for the train to chuck screaming skulls into the ranks of the enemy to disorder them.

Or if piercing multiple ranks of infantry is your thing, you can't go past the Bone Throwers!

The Monsters!

Terror from the skies with undead carrion. 

Ah come on! Its just not the same without the mighty Sphinx!

Or the horror of giant undead scorpions (used as Sphinx)

And finally, slowly, dumb as two sticks, the bone giants. Thump, thump!

If I get a game in during the coming months, I'll post some more pics of the rest of the army.


  1. Wonderful stuff! Just found your blog and I'm rooting through your warmaster now...