Sunday, 3 April 2016

Ultramarines & Imperial Navy: Aerospace Units

Man when EA came out I couldn’t believe how absolutely cool the rules were. Not only covering ground units, the EA rules covered aircraft and spacescraft, and operations for both. (Updated Pics)

So I went head long into buying and painting up the ‘air assault’ and ‘orbital assault’ units, and I give you my aerospace support units for my Space Marine army.

Grand Unit of the Army – The Battle Barge

This Battle Fleet Gothic model is the cornerstone of any Ultramarine battle that doesn’t occur on Macragge, especially when Planetfall and Orbital Bombardments are called for. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, my stupid *&^%$&(*^ camera cannot seem to focus on this model!

Landing Craft

Love it! Funny story, I got the model for Xmas way back and spent a good deal of the holidays painting it up. I used it in the very next game when it was finished. First time out it takes AA fire, which scores a hit, Mark – my opponent – roles for critical and BOOM!, up it goes, taking the two tacticals and their transport with it. Talk about a baptism of fire.

Thunderhawks – The backbone of Marine air arm

I take all three in a 4000pt ‘air assault’ list.

Why wouldn’t you?

Thunderbolts – The Imperial Navy’s Contribution

Painting them in Inquisition colours just seemed right for the Ultramarines.  Getting the handle of these small airborne units can really make a difference in the third and fourth turns of any tournament game, one day I might actually do it.

(Yes I painted teeth on one of the pairs of 6mm aircraft, a little extra effort makes all the difference.)

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