Sunday, 3 April 2016

Imperial Titan Legion

OK last post in this line of showcases of my Ultramarine army and support, not that all the photos are that great, it was dark, it was late, there was wine…


The colour scheme for these guys was inspired by some of the colour photos in either second edition or Epic 40,000.

This pair is nicknamed Siegfried and Roy, don’t ask me why, it was dark, it was late, there was wine…

‘Alby’ (the albino) and ‘Old Yella’.

I kinda feel sorry for these guys. They came to me with a mass of purity seals and awards (molded as part of the sculpt), showing they’d already proven themselves in the field of battle. Yet in my armies they never seem to survive till the end of the game (there’s a pattern forming here).


More of a regal colour scheme for the three Reavers (cool name).

Yes… sigh… I know that’s an Orc weapon on the carapace of the  rouge one, and yes thats an old Warlord weapon on top of the green one… I need some more Reaver weapons but everything is OOP or horrendously expensive on eBay etc.

The Warlord

So this guy and the Warhounds stood undercoated for the best part of ten years and were only recently finished. I got caught up on the colour scheme of this guy and the Warhounds, and everything went south…

Until I started on the Warhounds and thought I’d start gradually bringing the detail out with the Warlord by a series of grey drybrushes – just so I could figure out how to paint it and what colour. That’s how this guy got an Inquisition special paint scheme. Basically black/grey and red.

Maybe some Knights would be good to finish, so an actual army from the Titan Legion list  could be fielded…

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