Sunday, 3 April 2016

Ultramarines: 1st Company

Here’s the first post of my Epic Armageddon, Space Marines, Ultramarines army. Thought I’d stick to the fluff and post by company and support. (Updated pics) 

So first up, 1st company.
‘Supreme Commander’ and Retinue
Count as terminators when retinue is used or the commander stand is exchanged for one of the terminator stands.
All up I think I can field  4 or 5 formations of terminators… but that would just be cheesy… but sooo good.
Venerable Dreadnoughts Three pairs of Dreddies and never use them. They either take up too much space in air transports, slow down ground troops, and can’t be taken by themselves, but I loves em anyway.

Land Raider TransportsThree formations of Land Raiders and never use them… munchkinism takes over in tournament games and they cost too much.
Veteran Units
Veterans and usually my Supreme Command and BTS (fielded in Razorbacks).
Apothecary and retinue.

Tournament Objectives

Built from left overs from one of the last metal Whirlwind blisters and other bits, these are my three objectives required for tournament games.
So that’s my 1st company as per the fluff, the army was more than a bit of an obsession for me while I was painting it… so many years ago now!
Next up, well, 2nd Company, obviously.

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